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Utorok 6. Jún 2023 |
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Julieta Lanteri's 150th Birthday

Google Dooles 22.03.2023 12:45  Date: March 22, 2023 Today’s Doodle celebrates the 150th birthday of Julieta Lanteri, an Italian Argentine doctor and the first woman to vote in Argentina and South America. She was a staunch advocate for women’s rights and worked tirelessly to improve healthcare. Lanteri was born on this day in Italy in 1873. Her family emigrated to Argentina when she was six years old. She became the first woman to attend the National School of La Plata, then studied pharmacology at the University of Buenos Aires. She earned her medical degree in 1907 — she was one of the first five woman to do so in Argentina! For the next 13 years, Lanteri regularly traveled to Europe to work in hospitals and learn about healthcare for women and children. Beyond her skills as a physician, Lanteri was also a suffragette. In 1910, she helped organize the first International Women’s Congress. The following year, she gained Argentine citizenship and became the first woman to vote in South America when she casted a ballot for the Deliberative Council elections. After this monumental achievement, the Electoral Law was changed to require military service — only men were allowed to enlist. Despite the constant obstacles she faced, Lanteri did not back down. She created her own political party, the National Feminist Union, and ran for the position of National Deputy from 1919 to 1932. The party’s platform stood for universal suffrage, gender equality, fair working conditions, childcare support, maternity benefits, and more. Argentine women were finally granted the official right to vote in 1947. Although she couldn’t witness it with her own eyes, Lanteri’s contributions undoubtedly helped make this dream a reality. Her fierce determination is remembered far and wide throughout South America. Happy birthday, Julieta Lanteri! Location: , , , , , , Tags: